Save Placenta Services in Europe

Placenta encapsulation is under threat……..potentially  for every woman in the EU.

The Food Standards Agency is trying to get human placenta classified as a “novel” food!

There are over 100 women in the UK offering the service of making palatable a placenta for its owner’s exclusive consumption. Despite the fact that these placentas are consumed ONLY by the mother who nurtured it and are not bought or sold, the capsules etc are  NOT on sale to ANYONE else, the FSA seem happy to deny women the choice; the opportunity to avoid PND, increase  their BM supply, recover from birth with more energy and avail themselves of what is obviously nature’s first ever and best convenience food.

If forced to cease offering this service placentophagy will go underground and women will ask friends, family, doulas and midwives to do it for them and not all these will have the knowledge to work safely given the potential infection risks  and the need for proper disinfecting routines.

We placenta encapsulators are trying to fight this but we do not have time on our side …………… we (members of IPEN)   run small registered artisan food businesses, do not make enough money to live off encapsulation services exclusively,  are all certified in food handling and infection control awareness and follow  Food Safety Management Systems using HACCP principles.

Sign our petition

We have organised a petition on

There’s more on this situation and video at the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network

Whether you have benefited from yours already, or were/are hoping to or have a sister, daughter, granddaughter or friend who MIGHT want to have the choice of  benefitting from their own placenta PLEASE, PLEASE sign our petition.

Some of you I am aware have much larger social networking tentacles than I will ever have and if you can spread the word/links on FB, twitter, chat rooms, forums etc it will all help.  THANK YOU