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Picture of a range of placenta products including tinctures and balms
A range of placenta products

The placenta has long been respected as a magical part of the creation of a baby. This incredible organ, uniquely designed for your baby, is an integral part of any pregnancy and birth. Your placenta connects your body with your unborn baby supplying essential oxygen, nutrients and vitamins and hormones, all needed to nurture and protect this new being and send the hormonal signals that labour should start.

I would be happy to help you encapsulate your placenta and provide homeopathic remedies…. please get in touch for more information or complete this booking form… and I will get back to you a.s.a.p. Prices and options on page 2 of the booking form.

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Client feedback

Just taken my tablets…. the elixir of life!

Maggie was excellent- could not recommend her more. – December 19

Once again Maggie was fantastic – supportive, responsive and reassuring. After such a fantastic experience the first time there was no question about using her again! – December 19

Maggie was very helpful and professional. I would highly recommend her and placenta encapsulation. I’m three months in and feel great. Thank you – December 19

I really felt the placenta capsules helped to boost my milk supply and supported me in breastfeeding – December 19

Maggie was informative and supportive. Everything was explained well and I received the tablets the next day in hospital. Wonderful experience! Would highly recommend Maggie! – December 19

The placenta pills are working (((: can’t believe I haven’t had a teary moment since, W is especially impressed after how I was last time!! 

I used Maggie after having both my children and I can honestly say hand on heart that it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Her amazing products transformed those first weeks and months after birth and I am eternally grateful to her for her knowledge and care. If and when I have another baby Maggie will be the first person I call.

Thank you for existing. You helped make the beginning of my baby’s life better and smoother, and the beginning of my life as a mother more powerful.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience, only met Maggie once and she was wonderful, motherly and gave spot-on advice with encouragement to listen to my instinct and follow my heart. I still rely on my instinct more than everything else 2 years on!

I just wanted to say thank you! For doing what you do and so beautifully. I am so happy to have found you, and so happy to have my capsules and essence. And the cord!! So amazing and lovely! I am feeling great in every way, so far. Which is wonderful. So thank you and I will be highly recommending you to everyone! Xxx

I found your leaflets at my Hypnobirthing Teacher course with Katharine Graves. I wanted to give myself all the chance to have energy and feel well after the birth of our second baby as we have already a toddler(2 1/2 years) that wias going to ask for Mummy too… I really felt great! I did not like the idea of the smoothie (mixing my placenta) but capsules were completely fine! You don’t know its from your placenta -seems like a normal vitamin! I felt really well!…and was amazed by the difference between my two postnatal state! I think I burst in tears only after 4 weeks this time and mostly because of exhaustion…;-)   I felt tired but had energy and could wake up in the morning and be there for both my children. I must say I had help to take care of our toddler so I could focus on our baby! I would definitely recommend the process but only to ‘open minded people’ that will welcome the idea!… Maggie Vaughan was very helpful as it was a last minute request. very nice presentation of the products. Would have loved to have a little instruction leaflets about how to use the different products we opted for. Apart from that, I loved it and will definitely do it again if I’m pregnant again! I hope it will still be possible to apply for this service!!!   THANK YOU! A happy Mum…and Baby

Our placenta specialist Maggie was exceptional in terms of the level of information she provided to us prior to our birth and in her reactiveness and reliability on the day. We would most definitely use her services again. Regarding the birthing of the placenta, were the situation to arise again in the future, we would insist on attempting a physiological delivery, as we believe the syntometrine may paradoxically have been responsible for placenta retention, which led to a subsequent cascade of intervention. The third stage is generally the least discussed in antenatal appointments and education and would merit far more prior to birth.

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