Birth Services

pic5I  have reluctantly decided not to continue with private birth support as I no longer cope so well with the  occasional lengthy sleep deprivation! Unwilling to lose touch with birth altogether I have instead started working at Chelsea Westminster Hospital as one of their team of doulas.

I have the great privilege of working within a wonderful team of doulas and midwives based on the new Birth Centre, which has four fabulous pool rooms. There is one doula on each shift to support women in labour, some of whom are being induced on the labour ward, as well as to offer postnatal breastfeeding support and aid the smooth running of the birth centre.

It’s a wonderful environment with some superb midwives.The opportunity to experience the NHS from the inside has given me increased respect for the staff at the coal face.

Perhaps I’ll be on duty when you  come to give birth. You can self refer to the birth unit.

“I know I would have panicked without Maggie and ….. for helping me believe that I could have a normal labour.”

“She kept my partner so calm he actually went to bed for a few hours sleep whilst labour progressed. Once in the hospital Maggie continued to be a soothing presence, so that my partner actually ended up participating in the birth.”

“That first conversation with her changed everything – I felt much more empowered and, in following her excellent advice, ended up with a midwife who delivered baby at home.”

“One of her strengths was in being able to motivate me to be strong and able to keep calm through my labour.”

“Thank you again for all your help. Because of you I can say that giving birth is wonderful and that with faith, no fear and support this can be achieved. For me, just your simple presence was very comforting and I knew that you will take care of me, V, V and baby. I will always be grateful to you for helping me in such life defining moments.”
I.I., December 2010, Home Water Birth

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the help, support and guidance that you provided for J this week. As tough and hard as it was for J it was an amazing experience, one made all the easier by your experience and professionalism. Little S is doing great!
Adam, March 2011