About Me

Maggie Vaughan

I am based in Fulham and work anywhere within a 40 minute bike ride of home.

I was inspired to work in the maternity field after being blessed with three 100% physiological births. A home birth with an Independent midwife, followed by home birth with GP midwife, then twins with hospital midwives. Every one supported by a devoted GP. Inspired because all three were positive, calm and examples of the maternity services at their best…….. an experience I believe all mothers should be able to rely upon but can find difficult to experience.

Breastfeeding support is based upon the 5.5 years I spent feeding my brood, combined with more recent training.

I can be flexible with work hours, available between 8.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m and, in extremis, overnight for post natal work. I love all my work but have a soft spot for multiples and all they entail!

My Leith’s cookery training comes into its own postnatally. I’ve evolved an excellent flapjack recipe and produce healthy, wholesome and breast milk promoting meals from any cuisine that appeals.

Over the last decade I’ve found it fascinating how much mothers gain from consuming their placenta and am now the longest established placenta encapsulation specialist in the U.K.

I have stopped providing private birth support and now leave this to my younger doula colleagues.

I am a member of the RSM’s Maternity and the Newborn Forum, also the I.M.A, A.I.M.S and T.A.M.B.A. as well as being a founder members of Doula UK, which provide many and varied opportunities for updating my skills and knowledge.

I’ve been a professional cook since 1973 and in 2000 I graduated with a BSc Hons. in Health Studies, my final years research being focussed on the Midwife/Doula relationship and also completed Michel Odent’s doula course. I became a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist in 2009 with Koala Therapies.

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